IP camera

IP security Camera Company in Bangladesh. If you are outside your target zone, this time you cannot get the information he has spent in this greeting an interesting solution is introduced CCTV camera Bangladesh.

Hidden camera in Bangladesh

Surveillance Cameras service is one of the best electronic security systems in the world, but this system is not much in our country Bangladesh, but we specialize in the hidden camera in Bangladesh and in any type of system surveillance camera to Bangladesh, we provide service in the factory, in office, provides home, hospital, supermarket, Super Store and any business.

Camera Bangladesh

At a certain point, you will find a unique theme assurance, meeting, conference or other, it happens in your life, repeatedly, that the time our service to hire security camera for your problem, provide cheaper the cost of our rental service. We are the electronic copy video files to DVD disc, you send. Keep your golden moment with our cameras security.

IP camera Bangladesh

IP camera is very very important for the company, and official website. Security IP Camera in Bangladesh. We are working in this sector since 2007 and have until now Bangladesh digital cameras, we have the highest reputation in each of our clients, we offer our services by up to 10 leading experts, and we are committed to the sector of digital cameras Bangladesh devices. We have customers in and outside Dhaka city several large companies satisfied.

We have different IP camera products. Ip camera Big and Biggest Company name Optimationbd. We have different product CCTV camera, Access control, DVR, IP camera etc. Our IP camera products are

   IP camera


  • 1/3” SONY CCD, 420 TVL, PAL/NTSC
  • 1.0Lux, AGC,AWB,BLC
  • standard lens: 3.6mm(6mm,8mm,12mm,16mm are optional)

IP camera


  • 1/3” SONY CCD, 420 TVL, PAL/NTSC
  • night vision distance:20m
  • 0Lux(IR ON), AGC,AWB,BLC
  • Standard lens: 3.6mm (6mm, 8mm are optional).

IP camera


  • 1/4” SHARP CCD, 420 TVL, PAL/NTSC
  • night vision distance:25m
  • 0Lux(IR ON), AGC,AWB,BLC
  • standard lens: 6mm(3.6mm, are optional)

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